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Application of HDI PCB in the market

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When the printed circuit board(PCB) is made into the final product, integrated circuits, transistors (triodes, diodes), passive components (such as resistors, capacitors, connectors, etc.) and various other electronic parts will be installed on it. With the help of wire connection, electronic signal connection and proper function can be formed. Therefore, the printed circuit board is a platform to provide component connection, which is used to undertake the substrate of connecting parts.

For the electrical requirements of high-speed signal, the circuit board must provide impedance control with AC characteristics, high-frequency transmission capacity, reduce unnecessary radiation (EMI), etc. With the structure of stripline and microstrip, multi-layer design becomes necessary. In order to reduce the quality problem of signal transmission, insulating materials with low dielectric coefficients and low attenuation rates will be used. In order to cope with the miniaturization and array of electronic components, the density of circuit boards will be continuously increased to meet the demand. The appearance of BGA (ball grid array), CSP (chip scale package), DCA (direct chip attachment) and other assembly methods of group parts promotes printed circuit board to an unprecedented high density


HDI PCB will be introduced from two points for you:

Application of HDI PCB

Supply and demand analysis of HDI PCB Market


(1) Application of HDI PCB

Electronic design is trying to reduce its size while improving the performance of the whole machine. From mobile phones to small portable products of intelligent weapons, "small" is the eternal pursuit. High density integration (HDI) technology can make terminal product design more miniaturized and meet higher standards of electronic performance and efficiency. HDI PCB is widely used in mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, notebook computers, automotive electronics and other digital products, among which mobile phones are the most widely used. HDI board is generally manufactured by the build-up method. The more times of build-up, the higher the technical level of the board. The common HDI board is basically one-time lamination, high-order HDI uses two or more times of lamination technology, at the same time, it uses advanced PCB technology such as hole stacking, electroplating hole filling, laser direct drilling and so on. High level HDI board is mainly used in 3G mobile phones, advanced digital camera, IC carrier board, etc.


(2)Supply and demand analysis of HDI PCB Market

The continuous growth of mobile phone production promotes the demand growth of the HDI board. China plays an important role in the world mobile phone manufacturing industry. Since Motorola adopted the HDI board to make mobile phones in 2002, more than 90% of mobile phone motherboards use the HDI board. According to the research report released by in stat, a market research company in 2006, the global mobile phone production will still grow at a rate of about 15% in the next five years, and the global mobile phone sales will reach 2 billion by 2011.


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