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How is the chip assembly?

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With the progress and development of science and technology, chip assembly technology is more and more widely used in the integrated circuit board, and because of the particularity of BGA packaging form, its repair needs special repair tools, and repair is difficult, low success rate. Therefore, for electronic assembly manufacturers, improving BGA assembly capacity is of great significance for improving product quality and reducing cost.


Next, I'll show you three aspects of how to do chip assembly.

Introduction and advantages of BGA assembly.

Steps for BGA assembly.

Process characteristics of BGA assembly.


(1) Introduction and advantages of BGA assembly.

BGA assembly generally refers to chip assembly. Circuit board, circuit board, PCB board, PCB welding technology In recent years, the development of electronic industry process, can notice a very obvious trend is reflow welding technology. In principle, traditional inserts can also be a reflow welding process, which is commonly known as through hole reflow welding. The advantage is that it is possible to complete all solder joints at the same time, keeping production costs to a minimum. However, temperature sensitive elements limit the use of reflow soldering, both in cartridge and SMD. Then people turn to the choice of welding. Selective soldering can be used after reflow soldering in most applications. This will be an economical and efficient method of soldering the remaining cartridge and is fully compatible with future lead-free soldering.


(2) The steps of BGA assembly.

1. Set and adjust the temperature and curve of the BGA repair table to determine the appropriate temperature setting.

2. Drag the PCB solder pad with the tin wire, and then place the PCBA on the track of the BGA repair platform.

3. Apply paste flux on the PCB pad with a brush.

4. absorb BGA.

5. optical alignment, prevents BGA assembly result deviation.

6. Paste the BGA on the PCBA.

7. Weld for a few minutes, so that the BGA tin ball can be fused with the solder paste and welded together with the PCB solder pad.

8. Functional test to confirm BGA assembly quality.


(3) Process characteristics of BGA assembly.

BGA has a variety of structures, such as (P-BGA), (F-BGA), (T-BGA) and (C-BGA). It has many process characteristics. First, the BGA pin (welding ball) is located under the package body, so the welding situation cannot be directly observed by the naked eye, so it must be checked by X-ray equipment. Secondly, BGA belongs to humidity sensitive device, if moisture absorption, prone to deformation aggravation, "popcorn" and other bad, so BGA assembly must be confirmed before meeting the process requirements; Finally, BGA also belongs to the stress sensitive device, the four Angle solder joint stress concentration, under the mechanical stress is easy to be broken, therefore, in the PCB design should be as far away from the assembly edge and the installation of screws as possible place. In general, BGA assembly technology is very good, but there are many unique welding problems, mainly related to the packaging structure of BGA, especially thin FCBGA and PBGA. Due to the layered structure of packaging, deformation will occur in the welding process, which is generally referred to as dynamic deformation. It is the main cause of many poor BGA assembly.


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