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How to decrypt intrusive chips?

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As we all know, chip manufacturing technology has always been a weak project in China's science and technology, chip decryption technology also needs further breakthroughs. Among the methods of chip decryption, intrusive chip decryption is a more convenient technique.


Next, I will explain in three aspects.

Two Methods of Intrusive chip decryption.

Steps to decrypt intrusive chips.

Recommendations for dealing with chip decryption.


(1) Two methods of intrusive chip decryption.

The first step in decrypting an intrusive chip is to unpack the chip (sometimes called "unpack"). There are two ways to do this: The first is to completely dissolve the chip package, exposing the metal wires. The second is to remove only the plastic packaging on the silicon core. The first method involves binding the chip to the test fixture and operating with the aid of the binding bench. The second method requires not only certain knowledge and necessary skills of the attacker, but also personal wisdom and patience, but it is relatively convenient to operate, and it is completely operated in the family.


(2) Decryption steps of intrusive chips.

To decrypt the chip, the plastic on the chip can be peeled off with a knife, and the epoxy around the chip can be corroded away with concentrated nitric acid. Hot concentrated nitric acid will dissolve the chip package without affecting the chip and wiring. This process is generally carried out in very dry conditions, as the presence of water may erode the exposed aluminum wire connections (which may result in decryption failure). The chip is then washed with acetone in an ultrasound tank to remove residual nitric acid and soaked. The final step is to locate the protective fuse and expose it to ultraviolet light. Usually a microscope with magnification of at least 100 times is used to trace the line from the programmed voltage input pin to find the protective fuse. Exposing the guard fuse to ultraviolet light for 5 to 10 minutes destroys the protection of the guard bit, after which the contents of the program memory can be read directly using a simple programmer.


(3) Suggestions for chip decryption.

chip decryption is a double-edged sword, not only we will make the chip of others to decrypt, others will also make the chip of our own to decrypt, so when we ourselves in the face of chip decryption, can have some of their own measures and mentality. As the chip technology design engineer is very necessary to understand the current chip decryption of the latest technology, do know yourself and the enemy, in order to effectively prevent their spending a lot of money and time to design the product is counterfeited overnight by others. In addition, in the selection of encryption chips, to fully investigate, understand the new progress of chip decryption technology, choose chip encryption degree of higher varieties of chips.


To sum up, a common method of chip decryption technology is the intrusion chip decryption, this method is more universal, as long as we have certain knowledge and technology, you can complete a simple chip decryption technology alone.


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