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How to reverse engineer circuit board?

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With the rapid development of science and technology and society, circuit board reverses engineering is more and more widely used in our integrated circuit production, and more and more products need us to reproduce the production data and production process in the way of reverse analysis. Therefore, how to realize circuit board reverse engineering has become the knowledge that everyone needs to know.


Next, I will introduce it from three aspects.

What is the mechanical equipment needed to reverse engineer the circuit board?

What is the relevant operating software needed to realize the reverse engineering of the circuit board?

How to realize the reverse engineering of the circuit board?


(1) What is the mechanical equipment needed to realize the reverse engineering of circuit boards?

With the popularity of computer-aided design, reverse engineering of the circuit board has become a method to construct 3D virtual models based on existing physical parts by CAD, CAM, CAE or other software. The process of reverse engineering a circuit board involves measuring the dimensions of an integrated circuit board and creating a 3D model of it. Real objects can be measured using 3D scanning techniques such as CMMS, laser scanners, structural light converters, or X-ray tomography. These measurements are often referred to as point sets, lack topological information and are often produced in more useful formats, such as polygonal meshing, NURBS curves or CAD models. Because vertex clouds themselves aren't as intuitive as the models in 3D software, programs like 3-Matic, Imageware, Polyworks, Rapidform, or Geomagic offer ways to turn vertex clouds into visual images or other applications. Such as 3D CAD, CAM, CAE recognition format functions.


(2) What is the relevant operating software needed to realize the reverse engineering of the circuit board?

Imageware, produced by EDS, is the most famous reverse engineering software. It is widely used in automotive, aviation, aerospace, consumer appliances, tooling, computer parts and other design and manufacturing fields. The software has a large user base, including BMW, Boeing, GM, Chrysler, Ford, Raytheon, Toyota and other famous international companies abroad, and Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Delphi, Chengdu Aircraft Manufacturing Company and other large enterprises in China.


(3) How to realize the reverse engineering of the circuit board?

There are many ways to implement circuit board reverse engineering, and there are mainly three kinds:

1. Analyze observations made through the exchange of information.

It is most commonly used for protocol reverse engineering, involving the use of bus analyzers and packet sniffers. After the connection of a computer bus or network is connected and the communication data is intercepted successfully, the behavior of the bus or network can be analyzed to produce a communication implementation with the same behavior. This method is especially suitable for the reverse engineering of device driver. Sometimes, tools specifically designed by the hardware manufacturer, such as JTAG ports or various debugging tools, can also help reverse engineer an embedded system. For Microsoft Windows systems, a popular underlying debugger is Softice.

2. Disassembly, that is, the use of disassembler, the program of the original machine code, translated into more easy to read and understand the assembly code. This applies to any computer program and is especially useful for people who are not familiar with machine code. Popular related tools are OllyDebug and IDA.

3. Decompilation is an attempt to reproduce the source code in high-level language form from the machine code or bytecode of a program using a decompiler.


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