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How to use PCB prototype board?

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Before you know how to use PCB prototypes in detail, you must know the different types of prototypes available. A perforated plate performance board is one of the available types of the prototype board. This category is also known as the "per hole pad" design, where each hole has its own conductor pad made of copper. With this setting, you can test the connection by solder between pads. In addition, you can route between the pads on the perforated board.

Stripper like other common prototypes PCBs, the patch board has separate hole settings. Instead of having only one conductor pad for each hole, the copper strip extends parallel under the length of the circuit board to connect the holes, hence the name. Instead of wires, you can also disconnect.


Then the article will introduce how to use PCB prototype board from the following points: Cutting prototype board, Breadboard to stripper, Breaking the strip marks.


(1) Cutting prototype board

When using the original board, you may not need a whole sheet of paper. Since the size of the circuit board may vary, you may need to cut a piece. Be careful, however, as the process can be complex. There is partly due to the material on the original board. The design usually laminates paper with a resin layer that resists the heat of welding, which is very useful when you enter this stage.

One of the most effective and accurate ways to cut the original board is to use a ruler and a sharp knife. You can use the edge as a guide to scribe where you want to cut the board. Repeat on the other side and place the original board on the edge of a flat surface such as a table. Expert tips: if you mark along with the position of the hole on the board, you can get a cleaner fracture, because there is no stable PCB prototype board that can be broken and easily broken.

(2) Breadboard to stripper

If you have finished any work on the PCB prototype board, you may have encountered a breadboard. These prototyping boards are ideal for development design because you can move and change components to build plans. The breadboard can also be reused. In this regard, the component layout can be moved to the stripboard for further testing. In addition, because you can make more complex connections, there are fewer restrictions on striped and perforated prototypes.

(3) Breaking the strip marks

As mentioned above, the bottom of the stripboard PCB prototype board is provided with a copper strip for connection. However, you won't need to connect all components all the time, so you need to break these restrictions. Fortunately, you only need a drill to complete the process. All you have to do is take a 4mm drill bit and press the nib on the hole you want to disconnect. With a little twist and pressure, the copper can be cut off and the isolation strip can be formed. When learning how to use double sided PCB prototype board, please pay attention to the copper foil on both sides.

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