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Introduce the application of through hole technology

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Through Hole Technology (THT) is a kind of through-hole technology. Through hole technology is to insert components into the circuit board, and then solder them firmly. THT adopts lead components. The circuit connecting wires and mounting holes are designed on the printed circuit board. The component leads are inserted into the reserved through holes on the PCB and welded on the other side of the substrate after being temporarily fixed to form reliable solder joints and establish long-term mechanical and electrical connections.


This article will introduce you from the following points: history of through hole technology, where through holes are required, through hole technology assembly


(1) History of through hole technology

From the 1950s to the 1980s, SMT (surface mount technology) developed rapidly, and through hole technology once played a leading role in electronic assembly technology. During this period, each component on the PCB is a through-hole component. Since then, SMT has been widely adopted by virtue of its advantages over through hole technology components and changing technical requirements. However, through hole technology is still a common method for transferring electrical connections from one layer to another (consider the splitter and plug pins). PCB initially has traces on one side, then traces on both sides, and then multilayer is added. Then through hole or PTH is designed to contact with a conductive layer.

(2) Where through holes are required

There are two types of components in the through hole category: axial components and radial components. There are wires at both ends of the axial assembly. On the other hand, the radial direction has a wire protruding from the bottom of the device. These types of components are particularly useful during the testing and prototyping phases, where manual adjustments and replacements are common. You can convert each type to another by bending the leads to mimic another form through hole components can be installed manually or automatically by a plug-in installation machine. Both methods solder the two leads to the pad on the opposite side of the PCB. Then, the process will complete the circuit.

(3) Through hole technology assembly

Before upgrading to PCB, components and circuits can be tested on the test board. Although they eat up the space below the top floor, engineers usually prefer to use larger through holes in prototyping because it's easy to use on breadboards. Through hole mounting (THM) also provides a certain degree of reliability under ambient pressure. Passing the components through the circuit board increases the strength of the physical connection. They can withstand more pressure than SMD and can continue to operate effectively. In fact, THM has been widely used in aerospace and military products that require plates and components to withstand acceleration, impact and extreme temperature. The ability of THM to withstand mechanical stress is also suitable for prototype design. For those who have to spend hundreds of dollars on prototype boards, the relative affordability of through holes components is a small victory for engineers and manufacturers.


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