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Introduction of the working principle of LED PCB

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LEDs represent light-emitting diodes. They are semiconductor diodes and belong to the group of electroluminescent lamps. They produce light through the recombination of charge carrier pairs in semiconductors and have an appropriate energy band gap. Due to their low voltage, working power, compact size, long life and stability, LEDs are used in industrial and consumer markets. One of its most attractive features is that it can produce light without producing a lot of heat, making it safe in daily use. Its function is the main reason for LED printed circuit boards (PCB). LEDs are reliable and efficient enough for PCB applications. They play the role of light, especially in the no touch film switch. Led PCB is usually used for polyester graphics and rubber keyboards.


The working principle of LED PCB will be introduced from the following points:

  • User interface

  • Single point and blocking LED PCB

  • Integrated or surface mounted single point LED PCB

(1) User interface

Circuit boards are usually used in the lower circuit of membrane switches, especially because they provide it. LED PCB display window. These are usually easy to integrate into LED PCB switch designs, but there are some options for which type of led to use.

(2) Single point and blocking LED PCB

They are the most functional and effective surface materials of almost all types. Note that matte or textured surfaces are best used for greater light diffusion. It's also important to remember that although LEDs cannot touch the active area of the switch, they can be made to believe that they are part of the switch by graphical manipulation.

(3) Integrated or surface mounted single point LED PCB

The integrated or prominent single point LED can be mounted on the lower ring of the lower layer. For these types of LEDs, different colors can be used, including two-color LEDs. When the graphics layer is shaped to receive the LED, it is easy to terminate the termination from the same end of the connector. Note that you do not need to save the LED PCB’s completion chart in a separate queue


Our company not only focuses on different types of LED, such as high-intensity LED or low-power led, but also provides a series of circuit boards that are most suitable for your application. These include aluminum is based PCB and Ceramic Based PCB, both of which are often used in various LED PCB requirements. Similarly, in order to ensure the minimum maintenance and long life of PCB, we also focus on the protection of PCB solder masks and need the minimum maintenance. Our R&D team also designs PCB for some led lumens according to customer requirements. Our company has the most advanced facilities and a very enthusiastic design team, waiting for your questions and PCB design request. If you want a specific application, such as outdoor lighting or LED screen, you can come to our design team at any time, and we will come up with a completely suitable solution for you.

Boyunfa is a printed circuit board  company, Located in Shenzhen,520 employees,16000 square feet, Who have offered  PCB Manufacturing Service for more than 10 years.With the state-of-the-art technologies we employ, along with our highly trained workforce we are able to ensure that every PCB we provide matches your design requirements.

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