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Matters needing attention in SMT chip processing

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PCBA, in fact, is what we generally call circuit board. Strictly speaking, a complete PCBA circuit board is not a simple board, it is a collection of high technology. On to fly hundreds of thousands of light-years of aircraft, small home remote control, fine to 5nm chip, and then throughSMT chip processing and dip plug-in soldering integrated circuit board, in order to achieve a variety of functions. The whole process starts from PCB to SMT, and only qualified PCBA can enter the market. Only SMT needs 9 inspection procedures. Steps in SMT assembly:Solder paste printing, Component installation, Reflow soldering.


What should we pay attention to in the process of production? Next, we will share the following information about the SMT processing factory in the SMT processing: Temperature and humidity of production workshop, Professional operators, Solder paste must be rewarming, Considering the customer's freight channel.


(1) Temperature and humidity of production workshop

Our company strictly in accordance with the electronic processing workshop industry standards, the SMT processing plant environmental temperature value of 25 ± The humidity value is between 0.01% RH and 3 ℃. Because there are many precision components in the whole process, which are extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity. At the same time, the relative humidity is very beneficial to the control and treatment of static electricity.

(2) Professional operators

Because the process flow of SMT must be detailed, all processes look very simple. However, if the operator is not very skilled, it is easy to cause SMT solder joint reliability is not high and the solder joint defect rate is high because of the lack of detail control. Therefore, every operator of our company needs professional training before they come into contact with SMT Mounter. The trained staff can not only improve the production efficiency, but also improve the yield.

(3) Solder paste must be rewarming

The volume ratio of tin powder particles to flux is about 1:1. Before SMT processing, the solder paste must be heated (the characteristics and requirements of solder paste make it must be stored at low temperature) and fully stirred. The most important thing is that the way of abnormal heating can't be used for rewarming.

(4) Considering the customer's freight channel

After PCBA processing, if the customer does not pick up the goods in time or needs to store them temporarily, the first thing to do is to pay attention to the storage method. After that, we should consider the customer's shipping channel to choose the appropriate packaging method and degree. And pay attention to the degree of humidity and dryness of the environment, so as to avoid the products without the shell and without the coating of three proofing paint in the process of moisture, oxidation and other adverse effects.


The above is in the actual operation of some simple but the most easily overlooked details of the tips, I hope that the majority of peers and customers can pay attention to SMT processing factory in SMT chip processing is easy to ignore the place, pay attention to quality control, for China's intelligent building.



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