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PCB mixed assembly method

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Generally, in mixed assembly, it is often necessary to assemble integrated circuits from the PCB board. Because of the many and dense pins of integrated circuits, it is difficult to assemble them, and sometimes it will damage the integrated circuits and PCB board.

This paper summarizes several effective PCB mixed assembly methods:Multi strand copper wire tin absorption assembly method, Growth solder ablation assembly method, medical hollow needle assembly method, tin absorber assembly method.

(1) Multi strand copper wire tin absorption assembly method

That is to use multi strand copper core plastic wire, remove the plastic skin, and use multi strand copper core wire (short thread head can be used). Before using, first, apply rosin alcohol solution to the copper core wires. After the electric iron is heated, put the copper core wires on the integrated block pins for heating. In this way, the solder on the pins will be absorbed by the copper wire, and the part that absorbs the solder can be cut off. After repeated several times, the whole solder on the pins can be absorbed. The braided wire in the shielded wire can also be used when required. Just suck up the solder and pry it quietly with tweezers to remove the integrated block.

(2) Growth solder ablation assembly method

This method is an easy way, just add a little solder to the pins of the integrated block to be assembled, so that the solder joints of each row of pins are connected, which is conducive to heat transfer and easy to assemble. When assembling, use an electric iron to heat each row of pins, use sharp tweezers to pry one, and heat the two rows of pins alternately until they are removed. Under normal conditions, each row of pins can be removed by heating twice.

(3) Medical hollow needle assembly method

This method is easy to operate, just need to have an electric iron and a small brush. When assembling the IC, heat the electric soldering iron first. When the temperature of the dissolving tin is reached, the solder on the pin will be melted, and then use a brush to sweep away the melted solder. In this way, the pins of the integrated block can be separated from the printed circuit board. This method can be implemented separately or separately. Finally, tip tweezers were used to pry off the manifold block.

(4) tin absorber assembly method

It is a common professional method to assemble the integrated block with a tin absorber. The tool is a common electric soldering iron for both suction and welding, with a power of more than 35W. When assembling the integrated block, just put the heated dual-purpose electric soldering iron head on the integrated block pins to be assembled. After the solder joint is melted, it is sucked into the fine tin container. After all, the solder joints are sucked, the integrated block can be removed.

Compared with one kind of production equipment, the product grouping optimization of multiple products is aimed at the production mode of small batch and multiple varieties. It will mainly consider the setting of the component charging station and the saving of component loading time, so as to reduce the increase of refueling time due to product replacement. The traditional material station management method is to set and load the material station, complete the placement and component disassembly.

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