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Panel requirements for assembly

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PCB panel refers to put several small PCBs into a large board for production. It is easy to separate the multiple PCBs and avoid damaging the boards in the process of the panel assembly. And the panel types are determined according to the shape of the single board.

Why need panel requirements for assembly?

Improving fabrication efficiency

Good quality control

Reducing PCB assembly cost

Good high frequency characteristic

Convenient for automatic production

Improving fabrication efficiency

Some PCBs are too small to meet the requirements of SMT fixtures, put them into a large board is more convenient for manufacturing. And the SMT process of multiple PCBs can be run at the same time in automatic machines, then increase the utilization rate of machines.

Good quality control

Automated production is conducive to quality control and improves the yield of fabrication.

Reducing PCB assembly cost

Panel design is more suitable for automatic production lines, which can save labor costs. And it helps to use the PCB area effectively and reduce materials waste by panel design for some different shaped PCBs.

Panel creation means aggregating multiple PCBs on one large panel to manufacture. This large board is called a panel. You may notice that there always is a selection of board types when you place orders: a single board or panel design. Most of the time, people will choose panel design to save cost.

Because the chip components are firmly attached, the devices are usually without lead or short lead, which reduces the influence of parasitic inductance and capacitance and improves the high frequency characteristics of the circuit. The circuit designed with SMC and SMD has a maximum frequency of 3GHz, while the circuit designed with through-hole components is only 500MHz. SMT can also shorten the transmission delay time. It can be used in circuits with a clock frequency above 16mhz. If MCM technology is used, the high-end clock frequency of the computer workstation can reach 100MHz, and the additional power consumption caused by parasitic reactance can be reduced by 2-3 times.

At present, in order to realize the complete automation of perforated installation of the printed circuit board, it is necessary to expand 40% of the original printed circuit board area, so that the plug-in head of automatic plug-in can insert the components, otherwise there is not enough space gap, and the parts will be damaged. The vacuum suction nozzle is used in the automatic placement machine. The vacuum suction nozzle is smaller than the shape of the element, which improves the installation density. In fact, small components and fine pitch QFP devices are produced by an automatic placement machine, so as to realize the automatic production of the whole line.

For each panel, there need at least three fiducial marks, and the diameter should be 1.0mm. Usually, the tooling holes should be set to 2.0mm, and the minimum tooling strip width is 5.0mm. The panel is easy to separate the multiple PCBs and avoid damaging the boards in the process of the panel assembly.

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