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Technical standard for panel assembly

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With the development of science and technology, the circuit board panel assembly occupies a very important position in our electronic product production process, the technology requirements of the panel assembly is the only standard for us to check whether the panel assembly is qualified, and it is also the guarantee of the quality of the electronic products we produce。

Next, I will elaborate on the technology requirements of panel assembly from three aspects.

l Why do we need to establish technical standards for panel assembly?

l What are the technical standards for panel assembly?

l What are the conditions required for the inspection of the technical standards for panel assembly?

(1) Why is it necessary to establish technical standards for panel assembly?

In order to ensure the high quality and reliability of the assembly panel assembly, PCB manufacturers and assembly must be in different stages in the process of manufacturing and assembly inspection on circuit boards, to eliminate the surface defects, at the same time, the test panel assembly quality, to improve qualification rate of products, with the improvement of product percent of the pass, rolled yield of the product will be improved; For example, if conditions permit, every product needs basic testing, such as testing ICT, FCT test, some tests, such as fatigue test, stress test in a harsh environment, aging test, only the product that can stand the test, the user will like. If problems are found in the testing process, we can also make timely corrections and adjustments to make the whole product more complete and avoid serious consequences after the product is put on the market.

(2) What are the technical standards for panel assembly?

Due to the wide application of panel assembly technology, widely recognized standards and solutions have been introduced for the inspection of the panel assembly. For example, we can refer to the PCB Technical Standards Manual for inspection. In addition, there are some specific standards:

1. Serious defect (indicated by CR): any defect that is sufficient to cause injury to people or machines or endanger life safety, such as: non-compliance with safety regulations/machine burn down/electric shock.

2. Major defects (expressed in MA): defects that may cause damage to the product, abnormal function or affect the service life of the product due to material reasons.

3. Minor defects (expressed by MI): it does not affect the function and service life of the product, there are defects in appearance, and there are slight defects or differences in the assembly of the mechanism.

(3) What are the conditions required for the inspection of the technical standards for panel assembly?

1. In order to prevent parts from being contaminated, you must choose EOS/ESD full protective gloves or finger gloves, and wear electrostatic rings. The light source is white or fluorescent. The light intensity must be at least 100 lux and can be clearly analyzed and visible within 10 seconds.

2. Inspection method: place the product about 40 cm from the eyes, about 45 degrees up and down, with a visual or triple magnifying glass.

3. Inspection standards :(according to QS9000? Sampling Sampling = 0 AQL = 0.4% level; As required by a particular customer and defined by customer acceptance criteria)

4. Sampling scheme: MIL-STD-105EⅡ standard single sampling

5. Criteria for determination and inspection: Serious Defect (CR) AQL 0%

6. Major defects (MA) AQL 0.4%

7. Minor Defect (MI) AQL 0.65%

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