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The file requirements that you should meet with.

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When you want to make a PCB board in a company, you need to provide certain information files to the company. At this time, the form of files is very important, because without the communication between you and the company, the products you want may not meet your requirements.

Here is the main format of the file.

Here is the list of the Gerber.

l Introduction of the Gerber

l Application of the Gerber

l Why should we use Gerber file to submit to PCB Factory

Gerber file is a kind of computer software. It is a set of document formats for PCB industry software to describe PCB (PCB layer, solder mask layer, character layer, etc.) image and drilling and milling data. It is a standard format for PCB industry image conversion.

Application of Gerber

Gerber documents are usually generated by PCB designers using professional electronic design automation (EDA) or CAD software. Gerber documents are sent to PCB Factory and imported into CAM software to provide data for each PCB process. Gerber data can also be used to provide image data for specific equipment, such as automatic optical detection equipment, and can also be used to describe drilling information (aperture is flash). However, borehole data usually use Excellon format.

Why should we use the Gerber file to submit to PCB Factory?

Most engineers are used to sending PCB files directly to PCB Factory for processing after they have designed them. However, the more popular way in the world is to convert PCB files into Gerber files and drilling data, and then hand them over to PCB Factory. Why do you want to "do more than one stone"?

Because electronic engineers and PCB engineers have a different understanding of PCB, the Gerber file converted from PCB Factory may not be what you want. For example, when you define the parameters of components in a PCB file, you don't want these parameters to be displayed on PCB finished products. You didn't make it clear. PCB factory keeps these parameters on PCB finished products. This is just an example. If you convert the PCB file to the Gerber file, you can avoid this kind of event. There is to protect their labor achievements from theft, the company's secrets from theft.

Here is the list of BOM

l the introduction of BOM

l The role of BOM

l Why we need the BOM

the introduction of BOM

Bill of material (BOM) is a computer-aided enterprise production management system. First of all, the computer should be able to read out the product composition and all the materials involved. In order to facilitate computer identification, the product structure expressed by graphic must be transformed into a certain data format. The document describing the product structure by data format is born, That is born. It is a technical document that defines product structure, so it is also called a product structure table or product structure tree.

The role of the BOM

BOM is the most important basic data in PDM / MRP Ⅱ / ERP information system, and its organization format design and rationality directly affect the processing performance of the system. Therefore, it is very important to flexibly design reasonable and effective BOM according to the actual use environment.

BOM is not only an important input data in MRP Ⅱ system, but also an important basis for the financial department to calculate cost and the manufacturing department to organize production. Therefore, BOM has the greatest influence and the highest accuracy requirement. It is very important to use and maintain BOM correctly during the operation of the management system.

In addition, BOM is also an important interface between CIMS / MIS / MRP Ⅱ / ERP and CAD, CAPP and other subsystems, and is the key point of system integration. Therefore, the information exchange between BOM and other subsystems should be fully considered when using computers to realize BOM management.

why we need the BOM

PCB production involves a variety of raw materials, which need to be assembled before the actual production. How to determine the raw material requirements of PCB? Bill of materials (BOM) is the answer. The proper PCB component material list enables you to understand the exact components and materials required, as well as their brand, quantity, size and other details. Generally, in the case of PCB assembly, BOM includes a list of wire, board, surface mount components and circuit requirements.

It's very complicated to design PCBs and then assemble many PCBs. Therefore, it is essential that you fill in the information accurately. Here are some reasons why BOMs are important:

1.The list is convenient, so you know exactly what material you have, how much you have, Therefore, never make a BOM rashly, because it's easy to miss some parts or mention the wrong quantity. This will lead to a lot of back and forth mail and a waste of production time. Most companies provide BOM format, and it is very convenient to fill in. However, in addition to the BOM, it is essential that your PCB assembly be accurate and functional.

2.It also estimates the number of employees needed for a particular assembly based on the parts purchased.

3.BOM is helpful for correct planning and stable operation.

4.BOM is required for auditing, which helps to track purchased parts and parts available in stock.

5. It's important to get exactly the parts you want or made by a specific manufacturer.

6.If it is not available, you can discuss it and offer other options immediately.

To sum up

Therefore, When providing documents to manufacturers, we suggest that you can submit them in the above-mentioned document format, and at the same time,a reliable PCB manufacturer and high-quality service provider are very important for customers. Boyunda is the best private customized partner to provide high-quality service.

Boyunfa is a printed circuit board  company, Located in Shenzhen,520 employees,16000 square feet, Who have offered  PCB Manufacturing Service for more than 10 years.With the state-of-the-art technologies we employ, along with our highly trained workforce we are able to ensure that every PCB we provide matches your design requirements.

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