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The introduction of PCB reversing engineering

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Reverse Engineering (also known as reverse technology) is a reproduction process of product design technology, that is, to carry out reverse analysis and Research on a target product, so as to deduce and obtain the design elements of the product, such as processing flow, organizational structure, functional characteristics and technical specifications, so as to produce products with similar functions but not identical ones.

Here is the list of the content

  • The introduction of the reverse engineering

  • The details of the reverse engineering

  • why do we need reversing engineering?

  • Source of reverse technology

  • Purpose of reverse engineering

  • The advantage of the reversing engineering

The introduction of the reverse engineering

The realization process of PCB reverse engineering technology is simple, that is to scan the circuit board to be copied, record the detailed location of components, and then dismantle the components to make a bill of materials (BOM) and arrange material procurement. The empty board is scanned into pictures, which are processed by the copying software and restored to PCB drawing file, and then send the PCB file to the plate making factory for plate making, After the board is made, the purchased components are welded to the PCB board, and then the circuit board is tested and debugged.

The details of the reverse engineering

Through the extraction and partial modification of technical data files, PCB Reverse engineering can realize the rapid update and secondary development of various types of electronic products. According to the file diagram and schematic diagram extracted by PCB reverse engineering, professional designers can optimize the design and change the PCB according to the wishes of customers, On this basis, we can also add new functions or redesign the functional features of the products.

Why do we need reversing engineering?

First, replace the obsolete PCB that is no longer valuable from the regional manufacturer.

Second, the technical documentation needed to re-manufacture replacement parts is often insufficient or non-existent.

Third, re-engineering a PCB assembly can provide an improved or added performance to an old process. New and improved materials and techniques may be utilized to improve operations, maintenance and support.

Rapid prototyping and reverse engineering procedures offer a cost-effective method to replicate the missing parts.

Through the PCB reverse engineering, the products with new functions will appear with the fastest speed and new attitude. They not only have their own intellectual property rights, but also win the opportunity in the market, bringing double benefits to customers.

Source of reverse technology

Reverse engineering comes from hardware analysis in commercial and military fields.

Purpose of reverse engineering

Its main purpose is to deduce the design principle of the product directly from the analysis of the finished product without easily obtaining the necessary production information.

The advantage of the reversing engineering

1. Shorten the product design and development cycle, speed up the upgrading of products;

2. Reduce the cost and risk of developing new products;

3. Speed up the product modeling and series design;

4. Suitable for single and small batch parts manufacturing

For PCB reverse engineering, many people misunderstand the concept, and even think it is Shanzhai. In fact, with the continuous development and deepening of the board copying industry, today's PCB board copying concept has been extended in a wider range, which is no longer limited to the simple reproduction and cloning of circuit boards, but also involves the secondary development of products and the development of new products.

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