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The progress of PCB and PCBA clone

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The circuit board is already one of the important components in the electronic industry. Almost every electronic equipment we come into contact with, from watches, mobile phones, electronic equipment to some military industries, as long as there are integrated circuits, we can't do without products like circuit board, and so are the components on the circuit board.

Here is the progress of the PCB clone.

l Remove the components and make preparations

l Make a list

l Preparation

l Design and output

l From file to film

Remove the components and make preparations.

Of course, it's very important to record the backup when dismantling. First, take a detailed photo record of the component tag number, component package, temperature value, etc. It is necessary to scan the components as a backup before disassembly. The progress of each step is recorded. After removing the higher components, the remaining SMT patches and some smaller components are scanned again. According to the precision of the board, the scanning machine with high resolution is selected.

Make a list.

Make BOM according to the captured components. The whole process includes tag number, package, model number, numerical value, etc. just record these items on the form. After this work is finished, you need to input them into the form.


in the cloning circuit board work, all the preparatory matters should be carried out. The tools to be borrowed should be used and the auxiliary materials to be prepared should be prepared. Only when everything is ready can the work be carried out.

Design and output

The circuit board should be strictly compatible, and the designer should create a PCB layout using PCB design software. Common PCB design software includes Altium designer, OrCAD, pads, kicad, eagle, etc. Note: before PCB manufacturing, designers should inform their contract manufacturers about the version of PCB design software used to design circuits, which helps to avoid problems caused by differences.

Once the PCB design is approved for production, the designer will export the design to a format supported by the manufacturer. The most common program is called extended Gerber.

From file to film

After the designer outputs the PCB schematic file and the manufacturer, the PCB Printing starts DFM inspection. Manufacturers use a special printer called a plotter to make photo films of PCBs to print circuit boards. The manufacturer will use these films to image the PCB. Although it is a laser printer, it is not a standard laser inkjet printer. Plotters use incredible precision printing technology to provide highly detailed PCB design films.

Each layer of PCB and solder mask has its own transparent and black film. In general, a double-layer PCB needs four pieces: two for the layer and two for the solder mask. It's worth noting that all films have to be perfectly matched. When used harmoniously, they draw PCB alignments.

To achieve perfect alignment of all films, holes should be punched in all films. The accuracy of the hole is determined by adjusting the table where the film is located. When the tiny alignment of the table results in the best match, the hole is punched. In the next step of the imaging process, these holes will fit the pins.

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