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What file requirements should be paid attention to in daily production?

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During the daily production of PCB circuit boards, there are unified regulations on the requirements of files and data requirements provided by us. We need to understand these regulations and learn to provide files and data in different formats according to the manufacturers we choose.

Next, I will elaborate on the requirements of files and data requirements from three aspects.

What are the general data requirements?

What are the requirements for routine files?

How do we choose the files we provide for different manufacturers?

(1) What are the general data requirements?

For ordinary PCB circuit board manufacturing, we need to provide some general data requirements in order to provide standards:

1. The current is greater than 0.5A or above, and the size of VIA is at least 0.5mm, guaranteeing the current carrying capacity.

2. The current is more than 3A and above the copper thickness requirements, generally more than 2OZ, to ensure the carrying current.

3. Current is greater than 4A and above the thick wire and copper skin will generally open the window to expose copper, to ensure the carrying current.

4. High-speed signal has high requirements for PCB plates, which can run within 10GHz.

5. High speed plate impedance requirements, PP types can not be too little, it is better to more.

6. Conventional single-ended impedance is 40 ohm, 50 ohm, etc.

7. Clear characters, small size deviation range.

(2) What are the normal file requirements?

In the board making file we provide, we need to pay attention to provide accurate and effective information to meet the requirements of the files. First file format: need to provide PCB format or Gerber file; The second is the process information: general, the number of layers, material, pad plating process, ink color and other specific requirements. We need to communicate well in advance, for example, the use of the plate, plate layer, the color of the resistance welding, printing color, thick copper plating on the surface of the concrete data, process, and so on, each information need clear instructions, in our file provided by the late when the cost of communication also needs to be discussed according to the needs of the file.

(3) How do we choose the files we provide for different manufacturers?

Different manufacturers require completely different files and provide different services. If you want to bring a new board to a manufacturer for mass production, you will need to provide them with more than just Gerber files and PCB layouts. File requirements will be of a higher standard. Professional manufacturing and assembly services will require a complete PCB fabrication package before the next board can be mass-produced. Some inexpensive manufacturers can provide you with the bare board directly in the Gerber file without you having to further check the PCB layout or the manufacturing file. But when you work with the right manufacturing provider and professional design firm, you'll get a thoroughly checked set of file for accuracy. Not all manufacturers will generate these files for you, and you will need to provide a set of files next to the PCB layout data. This is what goes into your PCB manufacturing documentation, and what you would expect from an experienced design team.

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