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What is PCB prototype concurrent design?

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In the past, we used to use multiple processors to execute programs, which was limited to start-up supercomputers or small neural computers. Since then, the concept of distributing software tasks among multiple processors to increase speed has become somewhat common. In fact, many personal computers today have dual or quad cores, each of which is an independent processing unit. This multiple processes is not limited to dividing the larger process into smaller processes. It can also be used to convert linear processes into shorter parallel processes. For unidirectional and cyclic PCB prototype manufacturing, this parallelization can effectively accelerate the iteration speed of prototype and improve the efficiency of development board. Therefore, after reviewing what PCB prototype is we can use parallel prototype more clearly.

The two basic stages of developing electronic circuit board and other products are: simulation and prototyping. Although the simulation is sometimes ignored, it is completed by software, whose purpose is to verify whether the circuit design meets its performance and functional design standards. Electronic circuit simulation is a valuable tool because it eliminates the need to build unnecessary PCB prototype, which have little chance to achieve design goals. Simulation test is only the first step of electronic design, because hardware devices or PCB must also be tested.

The definition of this kind of test, called prototype, will be introduced from the following points: Purpose, process and results.

(1) Purpose

The purpose of PCB prototyping is to build and test the physical implementation scheme of function, operation and design. Structural integrity. Structural integrity represents the quality and reliability of PCB, which is usually adjusted according to the expected use of PCB.

(2) Process

PCB prototyping is usually divided into three stages. Just as many simulations are needed before the final parameters are determined and the requirements are met, the prototype design is cyclical, and many iterations are needed before the final PCB construction is completed.

(3) Results

For each prototype iteration, an assembled PCB is created and tested. The test results determine whether other iterations are needed. Additional iterations mean redesign or design changes, and new boards often need to be built and tested. The final result of the PCB prototype is that it can be used in the design of the circuit board, and the low volume or high value production depends on the expected application of the circuit board.

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