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What is chip decryption?

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With the progress of science and technology, the Internet and our life, science and technology more and more closely linked, although in the early 20th century we have popularized the installation and application of the circuit, but in today's rapid development of science and technology, the new version of integrated circuits has entered our lives, new chip decryption technology is also widely used in the life.


Next, I will introduce chip decryption from three aspects.

Definition of chip decryption.

Chip decryption method.

Application of chip decryption in an integrated circuit.


(1) Definition of chip decryption.

The common name of chip decryption is microcontroller decryption, microcontroller decryption, chip decoding, program decryption, IC decryption, the CPLD decryption, DSP decryption are used to called chip decryption. Chip decryption is to achieve the duplication of electronic products. MCU (MCU) generally has internal EEPROM/FLASH for users to store programs and working data. In order to prevent unauthorized access to or copy the microcontroller's internal program, most microcontrollers are equipped with encryption lock location or encryption bytes to protect the in-chip program. SCM attackers with the help of special equipment or self-made equipment, the use of microcontroller chip design vulnerabilities or software defects, through a variety of technical means, you can extract key information from the chip, access to the microcontroller program this is called chip cracking.


(2) Chip decryption method.

For convenience, chip decoding software attacks are divided into two categories. One is intrusive (physical) attacks, which require breaking the package and then taking hours or even weeks to complete in a dedicated laboratory with the help of semiconductor testing equipment, microscopes and microlocators. All microprobe techniques are intrusive attacks. The other three methods belong to the non-invasive attack, the microcontroller attacked will not be physically damaged. Non-intrusive attacks are particularly dangerous in some situations because the equipment they require can usually be home-made and upgraded, and therefore very cheap.

Most non-invasive attacks require good processor and software knowledge of the attacker. Intrusive probe attacks, by contrast, do not require much initial knowledge and usually employ a similar set of techniques against a wide range of products. Therefore, the attack on MCU usually starts from the intrusive reverse engineering, and the accumulated experience is helpful to develop a cheaper and faster non-intrusive attack technology.

(3) The application of chip decryption in an integrated circuit.

The combination of integrated circuit and chip requires the use of packaging technology, so that the chip is fixed on the circuit board and play a role. Therefore, for the integrated circuit and various finished circuit boards that have been encapsulated, we need to directly decrypt the chip for the circuit board, to achieve the maximum effectiveness of the chip in the circuit board.


To sum up, chip decryption is to use a certain method and technology to crack the chip has been encrypted technology, therefore, as the design engineer of electronic products is very necessary to understand the current MCU attack of the latest technology, do know yourself and the enemy, in mind, In order to effectively prevent their spending a lot of money and time to design the product is people overnight counterfeiting things; At the same time, we should also make two-way efforts to study chip decryption technology, improve China's chip technology and enhance its scientific and technological strength.


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