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What is quick turn PCB fabrication technology?

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Quick turn PCB fabrication is a method of assembling circuit boards for computers and other electronic products. Each layer of PCB is combined with a specific surface pattern, so it can be quickly used in electronic manufacturing. Quick turn PCB fabrication is a method of assembling circuit boards used in computers and other electronic products. The process starts with design. Our company specializes in Supplying quick turn prototype, small and medium batches PCB manufacture services; double-sides PCB within 24 hours, multiple quick turn PCB within 48-96 hours. We purchase superior raw materials and components from the authorized dealer, and we have established a quality control department to strictly monitor each production detail. Additionally, all products can be functionally tested upon our customer's requirements to ensure that only qualified products leave our factory.

Next, we will introduce several aspects of our company's quick turn PCB fabrication technology:

1. Multilayer can be made with quick turn PCB fabrication technology.

2. Turnaround time of quick turn PCB

3. Customized products

(1) Multilayer can be made with quick turn PCB fabrication technology.

Prototypes, which produce a very limited number of circuit boards, can be very expensive, and in some cases, in order to limit the cost and reduce the loss of proprietary information, the conductive foil layers are bonded together before using the solder mask cover, which is the basis for connecting the thin copper wires of the circuit, and can be completed by electroplating or other means.

(2) Turnaround time of quick turn PCB

The finished PCB is assembled and tested with other components to confirm that it works properly, and then sent to the customer. Turnaround time may depend on the complexity of the circuit board, the size of the order, and other products that the company may produce at the same time.

(3) Customized products

A variety of technologies can be used, depending on the production needs. Customized products tend to be more expensive because they require small volume production, while generic or standard formats are cheaper. Our company may cooperate with all kinds of customers. Some companies specialize in specific types of electronic products, and they may focus on working with customers who need these services. Others can accept all kinds of jobs and provide all kinds of circuit boards to meet the needs of customers. Other services include design, broader testing, component manufacturing, and other product development support activities.

Some quick turn PCB manufacturing experts of our company can design circuit boards and use the specifications provided by customers. These specifications provide information about what the board needs to do and where it will use it, so that companies can develop and test appropriate diagrams. In other cases, customers develop their own files and send them to manufacturers. These files are presented in a format called Gerber file, an industry standard for recording PCB specific details. Manufacturers use Gerber files to program PCB manufacturing for their devices. We are honored as the excellent supplier of many companies all around this world. Our business network extends far to Asia, Europe, America and Australia. Our magic is reliable quality, competitive prices, on time delivery, and excellent service!

Boyunfa is a printed circuit board  company, Located in Shenzhen,520 employees,16000 square feet, Who have offered  PCB Manufacturing Service for more than 10 years.With the state-of-the-art technologies we employ, along with our highly trained workforce we are able to ensure that every PCB we provide matches your design requirements.

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