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Why do our Rigid-Flex PCBs sell well?

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Rigid-Flex PCBs offer a wide array of applications, ranging from smart devices to cell phones and digital cameras. Increasingly, rigid-flex board fabrication has been used in medical devices such as pacemakers for their space and weight reduction capabilities. The same advantages for rigid-flex PCB usage can be applied to smart control systems. Rigid-flex Printed Circuit Board. Rigid-flex PCB Applications. Rigid-flex printed circuit boards are used in almost every electronic application that requires a robust circuit base with flexibility. Unlike conventional PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs give bending ability to the circuit; enhancing its reliability and ability to withstand mechanical stress. Rigid-flex PCBs go across the boundaries of traditional rigid PCBs and the unique properties of flexible circuits that use high-ductility ED or RA copper photo-etched onto a flexible insulating film. Flex circuits include stack-up s made from a flexible Kapton polyimide and copper laminated together through heat, adhesive and pressureRigid-Flex printed circuit boards are designed to provide solutions, and act as replacements for rigid PCBs. As the name suggests, these circuit boards are a hybrid of flex and rigid circuits. The advantage of this type is that they exhibit the benefits of both rigid as well as flexible circuit boards. Let's return to today's focus:Why do our Rigid-Flex PCBs sell well?

Advantages of hard and soft board over common PCB:

Light weight, thin layer.

The transmission path is short and the conduction aperture is small.

Less noise, high reliability.

Light weight, thin layer, which can provide rigid-flex PCB offers a wide range of applications, from military weapons and aerospace systems to mobile phones and digital cameras. Increasingly, rigid flexible plate manufacturing is already being used in medical devices such as pacemakers because of their space and weight reduction capabilities. The same advantages used by rigid flexible PCBs can be applied to military weapons and weapon control systems. In consumer products, the GIGID-FLEX not only maximizes space and weight, but also greatly improves reliability, eliminating many requirements for solder joints and fragile and fragile wiring that is prone to connection problems. These are just some examples, but the IGID-FlEX PCBs can be used in almost all advanced electrical applications, including test equipment, tools, and automobiles.

The technology is well proven and reliable, both in the production of rigid flexible prototypes and in the mass production of PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly that requires large-scale Rigid-Flex. The flexible PCB part is particularly good at overcoming the space and weight issues of spatial freedom.

Consideration of the Rigid-Flex solution and proper evaluation of available options early in the rigid and flexible PCB design phase will bring significant benefits. It is vital that the IGID-FLEX PCB manufacturer is involved at an early stage of the design process to ensure that the design and manufacturing parts are aligned and that changes to the final product are addressed.

Rigid-flex manufacturing stage is also more complex and time consuming than Rigid plate manufacturing. Rigid-Flex components of all flexible components are treated, etched and welded in a completely different process than rigid FR4 plates.

Reduce board size and overall system weight by eliminating the need for connectors and cables between rigid components. By maximizing space, the number of parts is usually small. Easier to operate during assembly compared to flexible plates. Integrated ZIF contacts provide a simple modular interface to the system environment. Simplified test conditions. Complete testing before installation is possible. Significant reduction in logistics and assembly costs can be achieved by using Rigid-Flex boards. Increases the complexity of mechanical design, which increases the degree of freedom to optimize shell solutions.

Because of this, our Rigid-Flex PCBs sell well.

Boyunfa is a printed circuit board  company, Located in Shenzhen,520 employees,16000 square feet, Who have offered  PCB Manufacturing Service for more than 10 years.With the state-of-the-art technologies we employ, along with our highly trained workforce we are able to ensure that every PCB we provide matches your design requirements.

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