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Why do we need board reverse engineering?

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With the development of science and technology, we have more and more diversified ways to develop new scientific and technological products. Sometimes, due to the serious lack of production materials, the production process of some scientific and technological products is unknown. In this case, we need to use reverse engineering technology to restore the production process and reproduce the scientific and technological products. Circuit board reverse engineering technology is PCB reverse engineering on the existing integrated circuit finished products.

Next, I will introduce why we need PCB reverse engineering technology from three aspects.

l What is PCB reverse engineering?

l Why do you need to reverse engineer circuit boards?

l The function of Circuit board reverse engineering technology.

(1) What is PCB reverse engineering?

PCB reverse engineering and chip decryption are both popular technologies now. Circuit board reverse engineering means to reverse analyze the circuit board by using reverse research and development technology under the premise of the physical products of electronic products and circuit board. Technical documents such as PCB files, BOM files, schematic files and PCB silk-screen production files of original products are restored 1:1. Then, these technical documents and production files are used to conduct PCB board making, component welding, fly needle testing, circuit board debugging and complete the complete copy of the original circuit board sample.

(2) The reason for the need for circuit board reverse engineering?

When we design the interface between the circuit boards, we need to use reverse engineering to find out the cooperation agreement between each circuit board; When we are studying the technology products of our competitors or enemy countries, we need to use reverse engineering to get the prototype of the circuit board; When we are faced with the missing production data of a new circuit board product, we need to reverse-engineer the circuit board to restore the production process. Reverse engineering may be mistaken as a serious infringement of intellectual property, but in practice, it may protect the owner of intellectual property. For example, in the field of integrated circuits, if a company is suspected of infringing intellectual property, reverse engineering techniques can be used to find evidence.

(3) The role of Circuit board reverse engineering technology.

Circuit board reverse engineering is widely used in new product development, product modification design, product imitation, quality analysis and testing and other fields, its role is:

1. Shorten the design and development cycle of products and accelerate the updating speed of products;

2. Reduce the cost and risk of developing new products;

3. Accelerate product modeling and serialization design;

4.Suitable for single, small batch parts manufacturing, especially mold manufacturing, can be divided into the direct molding and indirect molding methods. Direct moulding method: Based on RP technology, the rapid direct moulding method is to make the results of the CAD of the mould directly by the RP system. This method does not need to use an RP system to make sample parts, and does not rely on the traditional mold manufacturing process. It is particularly fast for metal mold manufacturing, and is a kind of mold making method with great development prospect. Indirect molding method: indirect molding method is the use of RP technology to manufacture product parts prototype, with the prototype as a mother mold, mold core or mold making tools (abrasive mold), and then combined with the traditional molding process, to produce the required mold.

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