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Why you should choose our metal core PCBs?

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The metal core PCB consists of a metal substrate (such as aluminum plate, copper plate, iron plate or silicon plate), a high thermal insulating dielectric layer and copper foil. Obviously,  the metal core PCB means that the basic material for PCB is metal, not normal FR4/CEM1-3, etc. The major advantage of MCPCB over conventional PCB lies in its ability to efficiently dissipate heat away from the components.

Advanced electronics require higher power levels and larger heat removal from the denser chip packaging. Typical PCB technology will not disperse enough heat to satisfy these newer designs nor does it have low enough CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) numbers to properly place higher count BGA without reliability problems. Advanced metal core PCB as well as higher thermal conductivity laminates, combined with new ideas, can obtain the thermal conductivity that is complied with the CTE numbers needed.

Here, we list some traits of some kinds of the metal core PCB:

1. The aluminum based PCB

2. The copper based PCB

1. The aluminum based PCB

The aluminum based PCB employs the surface mount technology, which is suitable for traditional machinings such as drilling, punching and cutting. The aluminum based PCB can reduce the temperature, improve product power density and reliability and extend the life of the product. Meanwhile, the aluminum based PCB has a small volume, which can save the costs of production.

The characteristics of the aluminum based PCB board have laid it an important position. Aluminum based PCBs are widely used in drivers, audio equipment and power systems such as LED energy-saving lamps, automotive, computers. Aluminum-based PCB circuit boards use green environmentally friendly sheets, fully compliant with environmental protection requirements.

2. The copper based PCB

The application of thick copper plates in PCB is almost ubiquitous, and it is applicable to very broad, including various electronic devices such as home appliances, high-tech products, military, medical and other electronic devices. Thick copper PCBs have an excellent extension, resistance to high temperatures, low temperatures and corrosion, so that electronic equipment products have a longer service life. The thick copper PCB also has a great help in the size of electronic equipment. In particular, electronic products that need to run higher voltage and current are needed to be thick copper PCBs.

According to the proof of the copper based PCB, the thick copper PCB has excellent strength and processing adaptability. In addition, the thick copper PCB is also suitable for various processes such as unit wall plates, flat lock systems, rough bite systems, rain drain systems, etc. The structure of the thick copper PCB is also applicable to various machining requirements required for these systems. Another advantage of thick copper based PCB is the price, which is affordable, and it is generally sold in the Hardware store.

Our company, Boyunfa, is supplying industry-leading clients with many kinds of PCBs, including not only the ordinary FR-4 PCBs, but also the advanced metal core PCBs. Collectively, we focus on delivering reliable products and satisfactory service to all local and global clients. Our company is famous for the quality of our products.

Choose Boyunfa, choose our metal core PCBs.

Boyunfa is a printed circuit board  company, Located in Shenzhen,520 employees,16000 square feet, Who have offered  PCB Manufacturing Service for more than 10 years.With the state-of-the-art technologies we employ, along with our highly trained workforce we are able to ensure that every PCB we provide matches your design requirements.

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