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high quality BGA Assembly for inverter control aluminum
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high quality BGA Assembly for inverter control aluminum

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Thick copper board

When a PCB is finished with a copper thickness over 2oz, it is called a thick copper board. Generally, we can produce a PCB with the maximum thickness of 10oz. With different thickness, the specific application occasions are also very different. The majority of thick copper boards are high-current boards. Some of its main terminal electronic products field are the same as conventional PCBs (such as portable electronic products, network products, base station equipment, etc.), and some are different from conventional PCBs, such as Automobiles, industrial controls, power modules, etc.

Since thick copper boards generally carry high current, you should pay special attention to the design of line width and line spacing in the early stage. For example, we recommend that the line width and line spacing with copper thickness of 2oz should be at least 6mil, and 10mil when it comes to 3oz. In addition, during production, the copper thickness is added by electroplating to the base copper, increasing the thickness to over 2oz. In order to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the circuit, special attention should be paid to the etching and electroplating of the circuit. Because of the increase in copper thickness, it is more difficult to print solder mask inks than ordinary boards, and it is necessary to print multiple times to achieve good results.


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