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Engineering and design
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Engineering And Design

   1  Perfect design guide book
   2  Design summary according to customer and product
   3  First class training system and training platform


Self inspection
   1  Layout, wiring, high speed, thermal design
   2  Check list
   3  Strict quality system and self inspection mechanism


   1  Yibo senior expert team to participate in the review
   2  From principle design, DFM, DFT
   3  High speed, EMC, thermal design, etc

Mutual inspection
   1  Standardized and strictly controlled mutual inspection system
   2  Perfect DFM review process


   1  One PCB success, one time to do things well. Reduce the number of research and development, reduce the cost of research and development
   2  Products quickly to the market, seize the first opportunity

Boyunfa is a printed circuit board  company, Located in Shenzhen,520 employees,16000 square feet, Who have offered  PCB Manufacturing Service for more than 10 years.With the state-of-the-art technologies we employ, along with our highly trained workforce we are able to ensure that every PCB we provide matches your design requirements.

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