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PCBA Testing
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PCBA Testing

PCBA Electrical Testing
PCBA test is to test the electrical continuity of PCBA circuit board with electronic components and based on the input and output values. In the design of PCB circuit board, there are voltage and current values between different test points. It is necessary to test the test points with the help of professional test equipment or manual operation of multimeter, so as to verify whether the actual PCBA Board meets the design requirements. PCBA test is a key step to ensure the quality of production and delivery. According to the test points, procedures and test steps designed by customers, FCT test fixture is made, and then PCBA board is placed on the FCT test stand to complete the test.


PCBA testing principle

The test points on PCBA board are connected by FCT test rack to form a complete channel, which connects the computer and the burner, and uploads the MCU program. The MCU program will capture the user's input action (such as long press the switch for 3 seconds), and control the on-off of the circuit nearby (such as LED flashing) or driving the motor to rotate. By observing the voltage and current values between the test points on the FCT test stand, and verifying whether these input and output actions are consistent with the design, the test of the whole PCBA board is completed.

 PCBA test stand
Testing must be carried out for the processing of large quantities of PCBA boards. Generally, the corresponding fixture will be issued to assist efficient completion. The principle of the test rack is to connect the test point of the test pin with the PCB board. When it is powered on, the key data such as voltage and current in the circuit can be obtained and displayed on the display screen of the test frame to achieve the purpose of rapid detection. When the customer designs PCB board, engineers will consider its test plan, reserve PCB test points, and issue professional test documents or test plans to the manufacturer. Our company can make PCBA test stand by ourselves (equipped with engraving machine and test stand assembly engineer)

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